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ViewDEX (Viewer for Digital Evaluation of X-ray images) is a Java-based DICOM-compatible software tool for observer performance studies. The current release, ViewDEX 2.0, is a development of ViewDEX 1.0, which was released in 2007. Both versions are designed to run in a Java environment and do not require any special installation.

The development of ViewDEX has its origin in the need for an efficient DICOM-compatible viewer dedicated to observer performance studies. It has been developed with both imaging research and clinical optimization studies in mind. Efforts have been made to make the study setup, image presentation and image evaluation as non-restricted as possible.

ViewDEX supports FROC, ROC and visual grading studies. It can also be used for AFC experiments.  No installation is required of the software and it can run directly from hard drive, CD or USB. The use of ViewDEX is free for non-commercial use. However, papers describing studies that have been performed using ViewDEX should cite the references Svalkvist et al. (Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry 2016), Håkansson et al. (Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry 2010) and Börjesson et al. (Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry 2005). (See below for full reference details for these three papers.).

Development group

ViewDEX is developed in a collaboration between Södra Älvsborgs Sjukhus (Markus Håkansson), Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sune Svensson, Angelica Svalkvist and Lars Gunnar Månsson) and the University of Gothenburg (Sara Asplund and Magnus Båth).


The following people are acknowledged for valuable input and feedback during the development of ViewDEX: Ingvar Andersson, Sara Börjesson, Anna Carlander, Johanna Dalmo, Valeria Fisichella, Anna Grahn, Jonny Hansson, Mikael Hellström, Bengt Hemdal, Åse A. Johnsson, Susanne Kheddache, Roger Lampa, Kerstin Ledenius, Jens Lönnblad, Sören Mattsson, Michael Moores, Anna Olsson, Mark Rushin, Patrik Sund, Tony Svahn, Anne Thilander Klang, Pontus Timberg, Anders Tingberg and Jenny Vikgren. The development of ViewDEX has been supported by grants from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, the King Gustav V Jubilee Clinic Cancer Research Foundation and the Commission of the European Communities. 


Papers describing ViewDEX

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Håkansson M., Svensson S., Båth M., Månsson L. G., “ViewDEX 2.0: a Java-based DICOM-compatible software for observer performance studies,” Proc. SPIE 7263, 72631G.1-72631G.10 (2009). (Abstract)

Håkansson M., Svensson S., Båth M., Månsson L. G., “ViewDEX – A Java-based software for presentation and evaluation of medical images in observer performance studies,” Proc. SPIE 6509, 65091R.1-65091R.8 (2007). (Abstract)

Börjesson S., Håkansson M., Båth M., Kheddache S., Svensson S., Tingberg A., Grahn A., Ruschin M., Hemdal B., Mattsson S., Månsson L. G., “A software tool for increased efficiency in observer performance studies in radiology,” Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry 114, 45-52 (2005). (Abstract)

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