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FACT Is also called Flexible Assertive Community Treatment.

FACT is a version of a modern flexible ACT-model which has been developed in Holland. The way of working in the Dutch FACT-model has been revised and adapted to Swedish conditions. It is used as a supplement to the programme Integrated Psychiatry.

In the model a digital instrument (the FACT-board) is used for triaging the patients who are likely to fall into relapse. The content of the FACT-board is updated and reviewed twice a week. Each meeting is no more than 15 minutes long. The team focuses more on the patients on the FACT-board and takes joint responsibility for them. Figures gathered one year after the introduction of the FACT-board show a decrease in readmissions as well as in the number of days of care. The goal is to reduce the number of relapses and admissions to inpatient care.

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