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Integrated Psychiatry

The strategy of the treatment programme Integrated Psychiatry aims at improving the patients’ and their close relatives’ capacity to cope with stress and to solve problems, whether or not these are related to the illness. In this way the patients’ periods without psychotic symptoms can be extended. This means that they can have a more normal life. The programme is designed to let the care recipient have control over her or his treatment. Important persons in the patient’s social network are actively involved.

The process, as conceived of in Integrated Psychiatry, is characterized by cooperative decision making, the patient always has the last word. In the method continual and structured evaluations and follow-ups are included. So are therapeutic methods such as CBT and IPT.

Concepts within Integrated Psychiatry:

Case manager

In the resource group the case manager plans, carries out and evaluates the development plan together with the patient. If the patient is entitled to housing support, the housing supporter is part of the resource group.

 Resource group

In Integrated Psychiatry the resource group is the central entity. The persons in the group are selected by the patient. The patient decides about the overarching goals of the work of the resource group. In the group the members take a joint decision about how to reach these goals. The patient should preferably be chairman. The work within the programme should first and foremost be home based.

Shared decision making/User empowerment

The whole process of Integrated Psychiatry should be characterised by joint decision making. The patient her- or himself always has the last word.

Methods used within Integrated Psychiatry are among others:




Methods that can be combined with Integrated Psychiatry:


Interactive Training

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