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DSTC/DATC 2019-2020

Definitive Surgical Trauma Care/ Definitive Anesthetic Trauma Care 6-8 November 2019 and 29-31 January 2020 at Sahlgrenska University Hospital

The DSTC/DATC is designed to teach qualified surgeons and anesthetists in strategic thinking and decision making in the management of the severely injured patients and provide them with practical surgical skills to manage major organ injuries.

It is an intensive 3 day course comprising lectures, interactive case discussions and practical surgical skills training with a faculty consisting of national and international experienced trauma surgeons and anesthetists. The course language will be english.

Course Director Per Örtenwall, Professor and Karin Sillén, Consultant General Surgery.

Course Coordinator Patric Antonsson and Karin Avander, Trauma Coordinator.

Course fee: Surgeons 12 000 SEK + VAT. Team (1 Anesthetist, 1 Nurse Anesthetist, 1 Scrub Nurse) 12 000 SEK + VAT. The fee includes three day course, DSTC course manual, lunch, refreshments and course dinner.

Course participants: A maximum of 16 surgeons and 4 teams. 

Course venue: Gothenburg University, close to Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Registration: For course 1 open until 6th of September and for course 2 open until 6th of December 2019.


Per Örtenwall, Professor

Acute and Trauma surgery

Sahlgrenska University Hospital



If you have any questions, please contact course secretary;

Emmy Svensson
Phone +4631- 342 80 85.

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