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Planerar du att besöka Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset?

Om du har en avtalad tid och har symtom på luftvägsinfektion eller feber kontakta snarast avdelningen/mottagningen direkt eller via växel på 031-342 10 00. 

För närstående råder besöksförbud på hela sjukhuset samt vårdavdelningar endast med undantag för vårdnadshavare och ledsagare. Detta förutsatt att medföljaren inte har luftvägssymtom eller feber.

Information till dig som ska besöka sjukhuset eller någon av sjukhusets lokaler


Work for us

Are you a doctor or nurse with foreign credentials?

Before you are allowed to start working as a doctor in Sweden, you have to apply for a Swedish authorization. If you want to work as a registered nurse, midwife, biomedical scientist or radiographer in Sweden you must apply for recognition in order to be eligible to practise your profession. Fluency in Swedish is required, as this is vital to maintain the close relationship in the hospital between its patients and staff.

Useful links about working in Sweden, accommodation and other issues connected to migration:

Vacant positions

For more information about which vacant positions are available at the moment, please follow the link "Lediga platser" or "Vacant posititons"  in the column to the right. Please note the advertisement for "Lediga platser" are in Swedish.

Foreign students? Clinical clerkships and placements?

For more information regarding what is applicable for foreign students and student exchange please contact The Sahlgrenska Academy at The University of Gothenburg,


Sahlgrenska University Hospital trains about 50 pre-registration doctors each year. AT blocks are advertised twice a year and you must speak Swedish to be considered for an internship at our hospital. If you would like to read more about internship, visit the pages:
AT (Allmäntjänstgöring) and ST (Specialisttjänstgöring)

Specialist training – Residency

Residency in Sweden is minimum five years of clinical training under the supervision of fully qualified doctors combined with theoretical studies according to achieve prescribed competence goals. There is continuous formative assessment by the personal supervisor/tutor.

Sahlgrenska International Care

Sahlgrenska International Care AB promotes and administers postgraduate specialist training programs in health, medical and dental care to the international community. To learn more about Sahlgrenska International Care, visit their webpage at

For more information regarding open positions and about working and living in Sweden, please contact;

Paola Sievers

Recruitment & relocation-specialist
+46 (0)700-82 43 87

Rebecca Ternander

Recruitment & relocation-specialist
+46 (0)702-130495 

Annika Davidsson

Administrativ Koordinator
+ 46 (0)702-115403

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