One of the most important tasks of the University Hospital is to educate different professional groups, such as doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and so on, in cooperation with the Sahlgrenska Academy and others. Through systematic work with education, we provide our students with the best possible background for future work in the healthcare services and clarify career paths for healthcare employees.

Clinical practice for international students

As a university hospital in the city of Gothenburg we are obliged to first of all provide internship to the students studying at the city university and at partner universities. Here you can read more about clinical practice for international students.

For those with foreign qualifications

For doctors, nurses, midwives, biomedical analysts or X-ray nurses with qualifications from abroad, there is information on how to apply for work with us below.

In Sweden there are 21 healthcare professions that require certification to practise. Certification is issued by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. These professions include doctors and nurses.

If you have non-Swedish qualifications, you must apply for a license from the National Board of Health and Welfare to work in the healthcare sector.

Apply for a license from the National Board of Health and Welfare here.

Specialist Training for doctors and dentists

Sahlgrenska International Care offers specialist training programs and customized courses for doctors (non-EU) and dentists (EU and non-EU). Whether you are here for three to six years or just for a one-week course, you will see that clinical training, practice and communication skills are highly valued in a Swedish healthcare environment.