Europe’s Leading University Hospital by 2032

Together we are developing Sahlgrenska University Hospital for the future, in a sustainable way. We are transforming healthcare with the goal of becoming Europe’s leading university hospital by 2032. In cooperation with our patients, we strive to reach the highest level of quality, accessibility, patient safety, research, education, and innovation, and all within an integrated healthcare system.

Moving forward together


The top-quality healthcare, research, education, development, and innovation we provide will help Region Västra Götaland achieve its vision: “The Good Life.”


  • Provide county-based healthcare, primarily to the residents of the Greater Gothenburg area
  • Offer highly specialized medical care to the residents of Västra Götaland County and all of Sweden
  • Pursue research, education, development, and innovation


Our goal is to be Europe’s leading university hospital by 2032. To achieve this, we will focus on

  • Patients
  • Employees
  • Work practices


Guiding principles

  • Focus on those we serve
  • Prioritize the big picture over individual components
  • Make sustainable decisions in everything
  • Focus on promoting health
  • Serve as role models
  • Leverage employees’ expertise
  • Assume responsibility for achieving equitable, high-quality, cost-effective healthcare
  • Advance research, education, development, and innovation
  • Collaborate and forge partnerships with academia and the healthcare industry


Our patients are key collaborators

VISION: We will provide world-class diagnostics, care, and treatment. We will involve our patients in shaping their care. Sahlgrenska University Hospital will form an integrated part of a coordinated healthcare system supporting patients and their loved ones.

Our strategy for success:

  • We will strive to achieve health promotion, sustainability, and person-centered care. We will develop avenues of patient participation in line with patients’ resources, needs, and circumstances. We will work together for the patient, with the patient.
  • Our care will be shaped by medical advancements, new technology, and digitization.
  • We will provide tailored care, and support for self-care either at home or in the hospital. We will help promote the transition to integrated and person-centred care.
  • We will collaborate with municipalities, other healthcare providers, civil society, academia, and the healthcare industry to ensure that patients receive the right care at the right time and with a high level of accessibility.
  • All our patients will have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to clinical research, education, and development. We will work to ensure that research outcomes benefit patients faster, and will contribute ideas sourced from everyday healthcare activities.

Our employees are our strength

VISION: We will harness our employees’ dedication and innovative thinking. Together, we will help our hospital reach new heights. Everyone working within our organization should have the right tools to succeed in their role and a good working environment.

Our strategy for success:

  • We will work in teams characterized by clearly assigned roles, in which each employee will have the opportunity to realize their full professional potential. We will achieve common goals by collaborating with other professions and institutions.
  • Solid, reliable leadership and active employee involvement will lay the foundation for our future. Our managers will support work in prioritized areas while maintaining focus on the big picture.
  • We will use new technology that facilitates everyday tasks. We will give patients the opportunity to choose digital care first, and physical care when needed.
  • Professional development opportunities will be a given for all employees. We will offer numerous career paths, whether clinical, academic, or managerial.
  • Our employees’ unique expertise will shape Sahlgrenska University Hospital. We will work flexibly, and be capable of adapting in crisis situations.

Our work practices

VISION: We will continuously develop our work practices for the greater good and for the benefit of our patients. We will provide care, conduct research and education, and promote health. Sahlgrenska University Hospital will be a driving force behind innovation.

Our strategy for success:

  • We will offer healthcare locally and regionally as well as highly specialized care to patients nationwide and internationally. Our employees will contribute to domestic and international knowledge exchange.
  • Sahlgrenska University Hospital will continue to lead Sweden in clinical research, and will constitute a natural partner within life science for stakeholders in academia, the healthcare industry, and other public service providers. Today’s research will build tomorrow’s healthcare.

  • We will educate tomorrow’s workforce and learn from each other. Sahlgrenska University Hospital’s employees will combine research with clinical work.
  • We will improve patient care with the help of new technology, health data, and medical advancements, such as precision medicine and AI. We will highlight the importance of research and innovation in healthcare and work systematically to implement it.
  • We will increase our presence in Europe through relevant certifications and an expanded European educational mission, and by encouraging research projects with international funding.

Since its founding, Sahlgrenska University Hospital’s motto has always been “Inopem solatur et aegrum,” or “Comforting the poor and the sick.” In 2032, our hospital will celebrate its 250th anniversary. Using Sahlgrenska’s original seal from 1782 as our inspiration, we have developed this distinctive symbol to remind us of our long history.

“How will we become Europe’s leading university hospital by 2032? Our strategy will provide the foundation for our collective efforts in pursuit of our goal, and we now invite all our employees to help us concretize it. It’s a journey we will make together.”

Boubou Hallberg

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