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The Sahlgrenska University Hospital is located at several places in Gothenburg. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail. If you wish to have treatment at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital you need to contact Sahlgrenska International Care.

Visiting address

Sahlgrenska Hospital
Blå Stråket 5, 413 45 Gothenburg

Östra Hospital
Diagnosvägen 11, 416 50 Gothenburg

Mölndal Hospital
Göteborgsvägen 31, 431 30 Mölndal

Queen Silvias Children Hospital
Rondvägen 10, 416 50 Gothenburg

Högsbo Hospital
Tunnlandsgatan 9, 421 37 Västra Frölunda

Sahlgrenska International Care 

Sahlgrenska International Care
Box 7163
SE-402 33 Göteborg

For general questions

Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Information for journalists

Information for journalists

Viewpoints on healthcare

Information about how to put forwards your viewpoints on the healthcare you have received.

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