Environment and sustainability

The Sahlgrenska University Hospital is dedicated to its patients and to the safety and health of the residents of Region Västra Götaland. The environmental aspect is an important part of the preventive and future work for a healthier population.

There is a clear link between climate change, the degradation of the environment and human health. The ambition of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital is to achieve sustainability through a holistic approach that includes social, financial and ecological dimensions. We strive to incorporate the concept of sustainability in hospital decisions, planning and daily activities. We have close cooperation with health promoting hospitals and this is integrated in our environmental goals.

The Sahlgrenska University Hospital makes very good contributions to society, but our activities are energy and resource intensive and thus have a large impact on the environment. We are actively working with our local environment issues to improve our environmental performance and reduce our impact on the environment. We are working in line with an environmental management system that is structured in accordance with ISO 14001.

Environment policy