Board of directors

The Hospital Board is responsible for the operation, administration and development of Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The Board shall operate effectively and efficiently, developing activities in accordance with decisions made by the Regional Council. The Board is responsible for healthcare services being carried out with professional competence. 

There is a delegation system that governs which decisions Board takes and which decisions are delegated. Cases to be decided by the Board include:

  • Cases regarding the objectives, orientation, scope and quality of activities.
  • Presentation or opinion to the Board and opinions concerning appeals of board decisions.
  • Overall organisational changes.
  • Financial follow-up.
  • Budget.
  • Financial decisions exceeding the Board's delegation to the hospital director.

The Board continuously monitors activities at the hospital. There are matters of information as well as decisions at every Board meeting. The Board consists of members and replacements, who are elected for four years. The Regional Council appoints a chair and a vice-chair to the Board. 

Cecilia Dalman Eek (S)


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Johan Fält (M)

Vice chair

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