Sahlgrenska Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Sahlgrenska Comprehensive Cancer Centre coordinates vital parts of the cancer field, from researchers and clinical professionals to patients and external actors. The goal is world-leading care and research for and with the patient.

The patient's needs and experiences are central parts and the organization is built to ensure patients' transparency and participation.

Patient participation is also one of the six strategies on which SCCC bases its work. They all have roots in the hospital's vision and values.

The six strategies of SCCC

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Research and innovation

Cancer research at Sahlgrenska university hospital is performed together with the Sahlgrenska academy.

Continous education

There shall be allocated faculty to identify and execute educational activities for continuous education.


The organization will serve as a basis for strengthening current and future cancer care and research.


The SCCC shall be at the frontedge of transparency and easily accessability of information.