Patient participation

This is a description of SCCC's strategy for patient participation.

In accordance with the core value of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital a key strategy by the Sahlgrenska Comprehensive Cancer Centre, and in close collaboration with the patient advisory board, is to ensure that every cancer patient has the right to patient participation or patient empowerment. This is defined by the World Health Organisation as a process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting their health and this should be seen as both an individual and community process.

  • Every cancer patient has equal access to optimal cancer care
  • Information about the cancer patients disease and treatment shall be given to the patient by the team of the cancer centre
  • The possibility and right to have a second opinion
  • We shall facilitate that the patient can participate in shared decision-making with the health care team. This concerns all aspects of treatment and care
  • The patient shall have the right to discuss with the health care team priorities and preferences to achieve the best possible quality of life
  • When relevant we will ensure that the patient receive optimal supportive and palliative care during any part of the cancer journey
  • The patient shall receive and discuss with the care team a clear, managed and achievable plan for survivorship and rehabilitation.
Karin Mellgren with Inez Bergström. Photo: Paul Björkman

At the Children Cancer Centre, patient-centered care comes naturally

Patient participation is central to Sahlgrenska Comprehensive Cancer Center's work. The Children Cancer Centre is a role model in that work. There, patient-centered care is a matter of course to fulfill the task.

- For us, it is obvious. A three-year-old who thinks the doctor is stupid leaves the room, says Karin Mellgren, head of the Children Cancer Centre at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

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