One of the overall goals of Sahlgrenska University Hospital is to be the country's leading university hospital - a mission that includes research, development, education and innovation.

Innovations are new solutions that respond to some kind of need or demand. This could include the development and introduction of new processes, products, services or methods. The value of innovation arises when ideas are applied, as the innovation brings benefits to everyday life or the surrounding world.

Innovation in healthcare is based on the needs of the patient

Needs and ideas that can lead to innovations in healthcare often arise in everyday clinical practice and are based on the needs of patients. There are also many examples where innovation has emerged from research, or where inspiration from other industries or sectors leads to new solutions. It is therefore important that healthcare creates the conditions for being an active partner in driving innovation forward.

Innovation support for employees and managers

The Innovation Platform works to ensure that Region Västra Götaland has a strong and sustainable innovation system. We help to promote innovation in healthcare and support employees and managers interested in developing needs that can be the basis for innovation, ideas or departments that lead innovation projects.

Innovation collaboration between healthcare, industry and academia

Innovation in the public sector is often conducted in collaboration between healthcare and industry. Innovation ideas can also be the result of previous research.

“The Innovation Platform helps to facilitate collaboration, not least because we know the needs of the region's healthcare sector, and we understand the driving forces of industry and academia. We have created a large network and this has led to several fruitful innovation collaborations,” explains Lina Strand Backman, Innovation Manager.