International degree

For doctors, nurses, midwives, biomedical analysts or X-ray nurses with qualifications from abroad, there is information on how to apply for work with us below.

In Sweden there are 21 healthcare professions that require certification to practise. Certification is issued by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. These professions include doctors and nurses.

If you have non-Swedish qualifications, you must apply for certification from the National Board of Health and Welfare to work in the healthcare sector.

Apply for a license from the National Board of Health and Welfare here.

Language requirements for the recruitment of doctors with qualification from within the EU/EEA

If you have qualified as a doctor abroad and have no Swedish upper secondary school qualification, you will need a certificate of approved language skills in Swedish corresponding to the general eligibility requirements for admission to medical college in Sweden, i.e. a pass in Swedish B or Swedish as Second Language course B or the TISUS test or the equivalent of C1 on the European scale. An individual assessment is made of doctors qualified in the Nordic countries.

How to apply

If you are a qualified doctor or nurse, please contact us with your application and CV:

You can also see listed vacant positions at the hospital.