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Clinical practice for international students

Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU) only offers clinical practice for nominated international students in accordance with the medical program's education plan at the Sahlgrenska Academy (University of Gothenburg). The clinical internship offered at SU for both Swedish and international medical students is integrated and part of regular education. Students are not allowed to contact the clinical departments to independently plan their education.

Non-nominated international students who contact the clinical departments (SU) should not be referred to the Sahlgrenska Academy (SAIO). Instead, the student should contact the International Office at the home university, in order to apply for a place and the possibility to be nominated, if there is an existing agreement.

SAIO does not write individual exchange agreements for Swedish medical students studying at foreign universities.

SU can unfortunately not offer Erasmus Placement for international students without an agreement.

Sahlgrenska Hospital (SU) doesn't offer internships for incoming international medical students with the exception:

  1. exchange students who are communicated via the Sahlgrenska Academy (GU) during term period, part of the regular clinical course
  2. student organization IFMSA (clinical rotations in the summer months)

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Updated: 2021-09-07 09:36