Medical Library

The Medical Library at Sahlgrenska University Hospital supports hospital employees in their clinical work, research, development, education and innovation. Libraries are located at the hospital sites Sahlgrenska, Mölndal and Östra.

As an employee at Sahlgrenska University Hospital you can:

  • search for articles/journals and references in medical and healthcare databases
    Link to databases (sidan är delvis på svenska)
    Link to journals in BrowZine
    All digital resources are also accessible outside the VGR network.

  • borrow books in medicine, care, rehabilitation and related subjects
    To borrow books you need to be a registered borrower, please contact us to apply. Link to library catalog

  • order a literature search
    We conduct literature searches when you need up-to-date knowledge in your professional or research area, when updating guidelines, for background material, when starting projects or providing information to patients.

  • book training/guidance in information searching, reference management, etc.
    It is possible to get tutoring or training on site at the libraries, at your workplace or digitally.

  • visit the library and use computers/printers, study areas and book conference and group rooms

Contact the respective library for more information or booking.

If you have any questions about services at the Medical Library, feel free to contact us!

Contact and opening hours


  • Telephone: 031-342 95 59
  • E-mail:
  • Visiting Address: Kliniska centralbiblioteket, Vita stråket 12, målpunkt L, plan 1, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset, 413 46 Göteborg
  • Staffed on weekdays at 9.00-12.15, 13.00-15.00.


  • Telephone: 031-343 10 21
  • E-mail:
  • Visiting Address: Medicinska biblioteket Mölndal, Länsmansgatan 28, entréplan Mölndals sjukhus
  • Staffed on weekdays at 10.00-12.15, 13.00-15.00. 
  • Employees at Mölndal can access the library throughout the day with their ID card. 


  • Telephone: 031-343 48 91
  • E-mail:
  • Visiting Address: Medicinska biblioteket, Diagnosvägen 11, huvudentrén, Östra sjukhuset
  • Staffed on weekdays at 10.00-12.15, 13.00-15.00. 
  • Employees at Östra can access the library throughout the day with their ID card.