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Sahlgrenska University Hospital is the largest hospital in Sweden. It conducts research with interdisciplinary breadth and excellence.

We develop healthcare by strengthening innovation and clinical research in close collaboration with academia, industry and patients. Research is also a possible career path for many of the healthcare professions at the university hospital. The highly specialized healthcare we have today is based on the research carried out and implemented by our employees. In close cooperation with industry and academia, new innovative solutions for the healthcare of today and tomorrow are constantly being developed.

Stimulating research

Sahlgrenska University Hospital aims to stimulate research as much as possible. We offer, among other things, paid try-out research periods for all healthcare professions, research training and research positions for all healthcare professions, scheduled research time, etc. Through Gothia Forum for Clinical Research we also have special initiatives for younger researchers. Postdoctoral staff are offered a salary increase.

"The unique thing about working at a university hospital, whether you are a nurse, biologist, doctor or speech therapist, is that in your everyday clinical work you have the opportunity to help develop tomorrow's care by conducting your own research," says Ann-Marie Wennberg, Professor and Director of Sahlgrenska University Hospital.


HTA-Centrum maps the scientific evidence for a method in healthcare and publishes several HTA reports each year. Read more about HTA-Centrum and access their reports here.

Centers of excellence

The centers of excellence gather expertise within the areas of healthcare in which Sahlgrenska University Hospital is a national and international leader, in order to provide the best possible care for patients.

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