Research career – how to get started

Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU) has a well-functioning, established collaboration with universities, industry and other research and educational institutions. There are many opportunities for employees wishing to combine their clinical work with research.

At SU, all professions with an academic education, at least at the Master's level, have the opportunity to obtain funded research time and begin doctoral studies.

As a researcher, you are involved in the future development of healthcare.

Research funding

Funded research time is one of several strategic initiatives that create attractive research environments at SU, where employees do not have to choose between research and clinical practice. An attractive work environment creates the conditions for research staff to shape tomorrow's routine healthcare.

For employees at SU, it is possible to apply for try-out research periods and positions that combine clinical duty and research in the form of research-AT and ALF positions for doctoral students, post-doc and higher clinical ALF positions as well as academic positions, i.e. adjunct or combination positions (lectureship or professorship). The ALF positions that are announced annually can be applied for by doctors and other healthcare professionals. In addition, within Region Västra Götaland there are several opportunities for employees interested in research to apply for funded research time, either through local and/or regional R&D funds or through the organization where they are employed. For example, the goal may be to become a docent, to obtain a doctorate or to try out research for a few months.