Research projects

Are you curious about research conducted at Sahlgrenska University Hospital? In Region Västra Götaland's Project Database for research and development you will find many of the ongoing projects.

There are currently over 6,000 project descriptions in the database. The information registered here forms an important platform for ongoing research in the region.


The following are some examples of research projects linked to Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Broken heart syndrome

BROKEN-SWEDEHEART is a world unique clinical trial where researchers from Sahlgrenska University Hospital, among others, will investigate how to treat patients with Broken Heart (Takotsubo) syndrome.


COPE is a study on COVID-19 and pregnancy. This investigates how pregnancy and the fetus are affected by COVID-19 and the resulting health effects for the mother and child after delivery.


SCAPIS is a world unique cardiopulmonary study. A register of over 30000 participants includes data, biobank samples and bioimages. This is available for researchers throughout Sweden.