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Sahlgrenska International Care

Your gateway to highly specialized healthcare services in West Sweden

Our customers come from all over the world.  

Some are facing a health condition that cannot be treated locally. Or their doctor has tried all other means available and has now decided to refer a patient abroad to ensure the best care for a specific diagnosis.  

Another may be a doctor or a dentist interested in training to pursue a career as a specialist. 

Somewhere in the world a new clinic is being set up using organizational and medical know-how from Sweden.  

In another country a local authority can continue to provide inhabitants with basic healthcare partly thanks to equipment donated from hospitals around Region Västra Götaland.

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What can we do for you?

Medical care

We provide highly specialized planned care for international patients.

Specialist Training

We offer specialist training programs and customized courses for doctors and dentists.

International Aid

By supporting our partners with medical equipment, technical and organizational expertise, as well as capacity building, we strive to assist in improving healthcare systems in developing countries.


Our areas of expertise range from know-how on how to implement quality registers to clinical management. The common denominator is to contribute to the evolution of efficient hospital environments designed around the patient’s needs.

About us

Sahlgrenska International Care (SIC) is a gateway to highly specialized healthcare services in Region Västra Götaland, West Sweden.


  • Dr Toon in blue scrubs looking at white wall with yellow letters saying "Emergency department, Östra Hospital"

    More time with each patient and teamwork without hierarchy. For the first incoming resident within the new hospital-wide agreement for residency exchanges with Thailand, virtually everything is different with the Swedish healthcare system. Apart from diagnoses, which are universal.

  • Svarta träd och moln på himlen speglas i sjön efter solnedgången

    Wishing all of our partners and clients around the world a happy and healthy summer! We are available throughout the summer, but with modified opening hours.

  • The importance of having a functioning international aid system has been particularly clear in 2022. With a war and a humanitarian crisis in the immediate area, Region Västra Götaland ensured that its on-site resources were able to provide rapid assistance there, while simultaneously contributing to the development of long-term care elsewhere in the world.

Updated: 2023-05-24 17:50