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Research units

Research takes place at many units of Sahlgrenska University Hospital. This page provides contact information for some of them. Other research units and researchers can be reached via their respective departments or through Sahlgrenska Academy and its institutes and departments.

Regionhabiliteringen forskning och utbildning
Read more on Regionhabiliteringens website

Barncancercentrums forskningsenhet
Contact: Research coordinator, Tel: 031-343 5865

Clinical Trial Center, CTC
Contact: Unit Manager Anna-Carin Varvne, Tel  070-082 5091
Website: Clinical trial center, CTC

Forskningsenhet AnOpIVA, Östra
Chair, R&D council: Axel Wolf,
R&D coordinator: Birgit Heckemann,
Ongoing research projects
Website Område2/Verksamhet AnOpIVA (internal website)

Forskningsenheten för bröst- och melanomkirurgi
Contact: Therese Bengtsson

Forskningsenhet Endokrinologi Sahlgrenska
Contact: Ann-Charlotte ”Lotta” Olofsson
Tel 031-3422400

Forskningsenhet Hematologen
Contact: Hanna Jersby, Tel 031-342 6709
Charlotte Fransson, Tel 031-342 6708

Forskningsenheten Medicinmottagningen, SU/Mölndal
Contact: Janet Moodh

Forskningsmottagning kirurgi Sahlgrenska
Contact: Tina Biörserud

Forskningsråd Radiologi
Contact: Marit Johannesson/Niklas Lundqvist, research nurses
Website: Forskningsråd Radiologi

FoU-avdelning, Psykiatri Affektiva, Östra
Contact: Urban Norén, forskningssjuksköterska

FoU-rådet på Kirurgkliniken Östra, Division 2
Contact: Eva Angenete, professor

Kardiologens forskningsenhet
Contact: Sofie Andréen, Care unit manager

Klinisk prövningsenhet Urologimottagningen
Contact: Ann Carlstrand

Klinisk Prövningsfunktion (KPF), Klinisk fysiologi
Contact: Liselotte Neleborn Lingefjärd, research coordinator

Kliniskt reumatologiskt forskningscentrum
Contact: Evelina Sunesson, research coordinator

KPE/ Klinisk Prövnings Enhet – Clinical Trail Unit Dept of oncology
Contact: Annika Baan, Care unit manager,
Website: KPE/ Klinisk Prövniningsenhet

KPE-enheten Transplantation
Contact: Christina Wibeck, Marita Rosenberg and Ann Österholm,

Kärlkirurgisk forskningsenhet
Contact: Monica Broeren, research nurse

MS-Centrum Forskningsenhet
Contact: Jan Lycke, Professor in Neurology / Anne Brandt, Research nurse

FoU-enhet Psykiatri kognition och äldrepsykiatri (tidigare Neuropsykiatri)
Chair R&D council: Ingmar Skoog,
R&D head Silke Kern,
Unit manager Anna Dittrich,
R&D coordinator Maria Berglund,
Ongoing research projects (Project Database FoU i VGR)
Internal R&D website (only accessible to VGR users)

Prövningsenhet barn (PCRC)
Contact: Tina Kjellén (Unit manager)
Tel: 031-342 6883
Website: Prövningsenhet barn (PCRC)

Strokeenhetens forskningsavdelning
Contact: Zoë Oberli

Ögonsjukvårdens forskningsenhet, SU/Mölndal
Contact: Sofia Töyrä Silfverswärd, R&D coordinator, med dr.
Tel: 0761-28 30 85,

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