This is a description of SCCC's strategy for organisation

The Sahlgrenska Comprehensive Cancer Centre is organised as part of the existing organisation in Divisions at the Sahlgrenska university hospital. The aim is to have all cancer care related departments collaborating to facilitate improvements in cancer care and to dismiss obsolescence and avoidable obstacles, all for the best of patients. The department heads will be part of an inclusive board of governance.

Research and innovations are important parts of the SCCC and therefore a Research steering committe with members elected from the Sahlgrenska academy and the SUH will support the board of governance. Members of the research steering committe will be members of the board of governance.

Patient representatives and supporting units outside of the SUH are represented as adjunct members of the board of governance.

SCCC board of governance in Teams-meeting during pandemic. Photo: Paul Björkman

A way of working to gather the whole

The Sahlgrenska Comprehensive Cancer Centres' management council brings together all departments in connection with cancer care. Research is also represented and there is a structure for patient participation.

- The working method is the key in the management work. And that is one of the reasons why we have been able to keep a close eye on accessibility throughout the pandemic, says Claes Jönsson, chairman of the management council.

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