Brand new national center for accelerating Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP)

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Photographer: Paul Björkman

The life science cluster in West Sweden is growing fast! Now adding another piece to the puzzle of the future of medicine - the building of a brand new center for accelerating Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP). This will strengthen Sweden's position in global research.

Earlier this year, Sweden's innovation authority Vinnova was tasked with establishing a national innovation cluster for commercialization, competence development and production capacity for cell therapies that will function as a national infrastructure and competence node for the entire country.

It is now clear that the innovation cluster will be located at GoCo in Mölndal and run by CCRM Nordic (The Center for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine), which consists of a consortium of several leading Life Science companies, which co-finance the venture. Laboratories and offices are expected to be ready in 2026 and GoCo will provide temporary premises until then.

"A piece of the puzzle has fallen into place"

- This is very positive news that will strengthen the national ecosystem around developing this type of advanced medicine such as gene and cell therapies (ATMP, advanced therapy medicinal products). There is indeed a significant need for this type of infrastructure, a piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. For western Swedish actors, and for the rest of the country, CCRM Nordic will provide great opportunities for collaboration, including around the development of new products, clinical trials and various educational initiatives, says Kristina Levan, project manager in ATMP and precision medicine at Gothia Forum and Sahlgrenska University Hospital's own ATMP -center.

- ATMP medicines that are based on genes, cells or tissues can lead to a radical improvement for many patients with severe medical conditions that we cannot currently treat or have poor results for, says Nils Crona, long-time employee at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and project leader for the coordination of ATMP within Region Västra Götaland.

"National investment that will strengthen global research"

- It is important to remember that CCRM is a national investment, but of course it will strengthen Gothenburg, Mölndal and West Sweden as a life science region. This gives Sahlgrenska University Hospital the opportunity to become a leader in ATMP, says Nils Crona.

This article was originally published in Swedish in Sahlgrenskaliv, Sahlgrenska University Hospital's digital magazine.

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