Congratulations to our two new specialists in Orthodontics

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Students in academic gowns standing on the stairs

Halah from Saudi Arabia and Karolina from Greece have succesfully completed their specialist training in Orthodontics. New adventures await them, in Gothenburg and in Greece.

Halah and Karolina began specialist training in Orthodontics in the fall of 2020, in the middle of the ongoing pandemic. It was not an easy time to come to a new country, but in retrospect they say it gave them space to focus on their studies. And in comparison to their home countries, Sweden was more open and easier to live in during that special time.

Now they have completed their specialist training and also written a scientific work together. On August 25, together with their two colleagues from the course, they presented their results from the three years at the specialist clinic for orthodontics in Gothenburg.

New adventures await them! Doctoral studies at the University of Gothenburg for Halah, at the same time as her husband begins specialist training in orthodontics at the same clinic. Karolina is heading back home to Greece.

Thank you for choosing Gothenburg and the Specialist Clinic of Orthodontics for your specialist training! We were lucky to have you the past years and wish you the best of luck in your future career as specialists.