2022 SIC's International Aid Assistance Report - top things to know

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The importance of having a functioning international aid system has been particularly clear in 2022. With a war and a humanitarian crisis in the immediate area, Region Västra Götaland ensured that its on-site resources were able to provide rapid assistance there, while simultaneously contributing to the development of long-term care elsewhere in the world.

Read SIC's 2022 International Aid Assistance Report.

Top things to know?

💡 Come along to wartime Ukraine, where 30 percent of Region Västra Götaland's aid went.
💡 Travel on to Somaliland and a maternity and child care center that has increased its care capacity by 30 percent with the help of donated medical equipment from Region Västra Götaland.
💡 70 percent of Region Västra Götaland's aid went to countries in East Africa but also Romania.
💡 In Romania, Region Västra Götaland collaborates with the organization Motivation, which works for strengthened rights for people with disabilities. Today, Motivation provides assitive devices for about 20 percent of the total number who are in need of them around the country.