Advisory Board

Specialist clinics at the Public Dental Service in Region Västra Götaland 

Sahlgrenska International Care meets with representatives from the board of the specialist dental clinics four times a year to enhance the export of postgraduate programmes and courses. 

Charlotte Ulin, Area Manager Specialist Dentistry

Andrea Bresin, Head of Specialist Clinic for Orthodontics

Julia Naoumova, Program Director Orthodontics

Maria Welander, Head of Specialist Clinic for Periodontics

Jan Derks, Program Director Periodontics

Karolina Karlsson, Program Co-Director Periodontics

Anna Bove, Head of Specialist Clinic for Endodontics

Hanna Axelsson, Director, Sahlgrenska International Care

Erika Nettelbladt, Education Manager, Sahlgrenska International Care