Facts and figures

Statistiscs are statistics, but somewhere in the world these are not just numbers but equipment that makes a difference. 

During the past decade, large quantities of high-quality equipment and materials have been reused and have helped to increase responsible resource management within our region and around the world. Through continuous commitment and determination, we have shown that we are an aid partner that can be trusted.

Get a closer look on what we donate and to where. Regardless our material aid shall always be relevant, efficient, feasible and sustainable. 

Read our latest international aid report.

Over the last few years we have donated:



Hospital beds 

Our most common type of material aid. Recipient countries can be found worldwide with special emphasize on Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 




When it comes to wheelchairs we focus on supporting countries or regions who are wartorn, in post-conflict or receivers of refugees such as Somalia, Jordan and Kosovo. 



Ton of textiles 

Healthcare textiles are one of the most requested items in our recipient countries.  



Pallets of consumables 

Our 17 hospitals create surplus of all kind of consumables. Instead of going to destruction we make use of it where it is better needed. 



Anesthesia machines 

In a joint medical donations project with the biomedical department at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital 21 of these machines were installed at 7 hospitals in Bosnia-Herzegovina during spring of 2016. 



Sets of ultrasound 

Mother and childcare are of utmost importance. Ultrasounds are a vital part of this which we have seen on location for example at Butare University Hospital in Rwanda or Ghandi Memorial Hospital in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. 



Containers with surplus material 

Our annual donations of medical equipment and consumables fills approximately 20-25 containers that our partners can channel into development projects around the world.