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Daniel - neurosurgeon


Meet Daniel who works as a neurosurgeon. In the film above, he talks about what it is like to work at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

I wanted to become a neurosurgeon because I wanted to work with my hands and work with the brain, which is our most complicated organ.

There is a lot that is unexplored around the brain.
Neurosurgery provides the opportunity to directly affect the course of the brain and nervous system.

What is unique about a university hospital such as Sahlgrenska University Hospital is that you can combine several different specialties, and each specialty has a high level of specialization.

You learn things all the time, I learn things every day. It is fantastic to be able learn all the time, and at the same time make a difference for people.
- Daniel Nilsson.

Updated: 2022-02-15 13:51