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Lizabela - nurse

Lizabela moved to Gothenburg 2019 from Greece and works as a nurse at Psychatry Psychosis at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. In this film she tells us about her experience to move to Sweden. 
Hi, welcome. Should we take your blood pressure?

A friend from work told me that there was a hospital in Sweden, that were looking for nurses. Would you take a chance and try it? I said why not, what do I have to lose?

When I moved to Sweden I got really a big help from the hospital. We were offered courses to learn the language before we moved.

When we came, they help for example with finding an apartment, and open a bank account

It´s remarkable that there is no hierarchy, we work more as a team,
it´s more equality, much more respect and, of course, better salary.

It is also a good balance between work and free time.
I love Gothenburg, it´s a beautiful city!


The psychiatry at Sahlgrenska University Hospital are divided in 5 independent clinics:

  • Addiction & Dependency
  • Affective Disorders
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Psychiatry Psychosis

Nurses- welcome to join us developing world class psychiatry care!

Updated: 2022-02-16 09:59