Patient referral

If your patient needs to travel to Sweden for treatment, let us make this process as smooth as possible.

We will work closely with you to coordinate an efficient referral to a Sahlgrenska University Hospital specialist in the preferred medical area. Our team will keep you informed of your patient’s progress and treatment plan and send you the patient’s records when they return home to ensure continuity of care. 

To refer a patient or discuss a case with a Sahlgrenska University Hospital expert, please call +46 31 342 68 03 or send an e-mail to Our patient coordinators are available Monday-Thursday: 9-12, 13-15 and Friday: 9-12. 

Thank you for providing us with the following information: 

  • Interested in referral of one patient or a group of patients 
  • Medical history in brief 
  • Reason for referral 
  • Requested treatment 
  • Type of guarantee of payment 

This way we will be able to get back to you sooner. We hope that we can provide the specialist care your patient needs – when they need it. If we are not the right place, we want you to know as soon as possible.