In collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, we offer highly specialized care to international patients. Here is a selection of some of the most prominent treatments, which attract patients from all over the world.

Intestinal Failure Treatment

The only program in Scandinavia offering new and successful surgical and medical treatment options for adults and children suffering from debilitating and life-threatening intestinal diseases.

Bone-Anchored Prostheses

The treatment with bone-anchored or osseointegrated amputation prosthesis is a method that enables a patient to attach an amputation prosthesis without the use of a socket. This is made possible by surgically implanting a titanium screw into the bone.

Tetraplegia Hand Surgery

With more than 30 years of history and over 800 operations in the field of reconstructive hand surgery in tetraplegia, Sahlgrenska University Hospital has built up substantial expertise in assessing and treating paralyzed arm and hand muscles after spinal cord injuries.

Craniofacial Surgery

The unit has a long and well-documented history of independently treating all types of craniofacial deformities in children. Today the craniofacial surgery team offers an entire spectrum of treatments for congenital malformations, craniofacial tumours and trauma.

Transplant Surgery

Transplant surgery is the moving of an organ from one body to another or from a donor site on the patient’s own body, for the purpose of replacing the recipient’s damaged or absent organ.