Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Originally named after Niclas Sahlgren, a Swedish merchant and director of the Swedish East India Company, the university hospital in Gothenburg has grown to become one of the largest in Northern Europe. In Sweden, the hospital has been awarded national healthcare assignments in more medical areas than any other hospital in the country. Being entrusted with this by the National Board of Health and Welfare is firm proof that the care Sahlgrenska University Hospital provides is at the highest level in Sweden. In fact, many treatments that have made a tremendous difference for patients around the world were developed here.  

World-class care where tradition meets renewal 

Within the hospital walls tradition meets renewal as new innovations evolve. Research and development is at the very core of the hospital to this day. Sahlgrenska University Hospital is home to several centres of excellence that strive to be at the forefront internationally. These centres welcome patients from all over the world. Perhaps this commitment to making a global impact is a legacy from Mr. Sahlgren.

The hospital in numbers

120 departments 

2,000 beds 

17,000 employees 

4 hospital sites: Sahlgrenska, Östra, and Mölndal and Högsbo