Specialist Dental Training Program


On the Medical Hill, across the road from Sahlgrenska University Hospital, you will find clinics of all dental specialties gathered. The concentration of specialist dental care in one place is no coincidence. It allows a close interaction between the Public Dental Service in Region Västra Götaland and the Institute of Odontology at the University of Gothenburg. The result: a research-intensive environment for clinical practitioners that maximizes value for the patients. 

The globally recognized faculty and modern clinical facilities attract many international dentists to the specialist training programs. Our programs consist of standard modules, but you can add your own mark depending on the field of interest within your speciality. Upon completion you will have gained more in-depth knowledge of the Swedish healthcare system with its emphasis on quality, value-based leadership and patient-centred care. Wherever in the world your journey as a specialist continues, we hope that this will contribute to developments in dental care. 

We currently have residents admitted to the following specialist clinics 

Our services 

Our aim is to facilitate your life in Sweden, and Sahlgrenska International Care will act as your contact with the Swedish system and society. We will assist you with both academic and practical matters including: 

  • Application, interview, admission and planning 
  • Agreement and financing 
  • Relocation support including accommodation 
  • Education in the Swedish language where applicable 
  • Follow-up and reports to sponsor 
  • Contacts with Swedish authorities