Specialist Medical Training Program


Across Sahlgrenska University Hospital’s three sites you will find specialist clinics of various kinds. Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital, one of the most modern pediatric hospitals in the world, is in East Gothenburg. Meanwhile in the heart of city an Imaging and Intervention Centre has opened its doors so that surrounding clinics can use state-of-the-art equipment to enable minimally invasive surgeries for patients. Further south, a building entirely devoted to research on extremities has been built next to the Mölndal hospital site. Three locations, one hospital investing in future healthcare for locals while also making a mark internationally.

In the world of medicine there is a universal language which creates a bond between medical staff, no matter where they come from. The knowledge is the common ground, along with the aspiration to do what is best for the patients they meet, every day, all year round. But there are differences. Some of them may be hard to overcome at first. As one of our residents put it: 

”If I had to mention one thing that stands out, it is the emphasis on communication skills – partly between staff, but more importantly with patients.” 

And yes, communication is an important module in the training program, but one you will practise continuously throughout your career. Upon completion you will have gained more in-depth knowledge of the Swedish healthcare system with its emphasis on quality, value-based leadership and patient-centred care. We hope that you will have developed expertise that will contribute to the development of healthcare wherever your journey as a specialist continues.

Our services 

Our aim is to facilitate your life in Sweden, and Sahlgrenska International Care will act as your contact with the Swedish system and society. We will assist you with both academic and practical matters including: 

  • Application, interview, admission and planning 
  • Agreement and financing 
  • Relocation support including accommodation 
  • Education in the Swedish language; general and medical Swedish 
  • Preparation and clinical introduction 
  • Follow-up and reports to sponsor 
  • Contacts with Swedish authorities