Program layout

Introduction year 

The Specialist Medical Training Program (SMTP) is given in Swedish. Swedes are generally quite good at English, but Swedish is the working language used for teaching and for communicating with colleagues and patients. This means that a good command of the Swedish language is crucial. The Program therefore begins with mandatory studies in Swedish for about 10 months at the language institute Folkuniversitetet. 

We offer tailor-made courses in general and medical Swedish focused on communication skills with the aim of providing the best preparation for clinical work. The course also includes an introduction to Swedish culture and the healthcare system. During the course of the first year there will be a parallel introduction of a total period of three months at the clinic to get to know colleagues, routines and the organization of the department. 

Clinical training 

The SMTP requires a minimum of five years. The main part of the Program will be devoted to clinical practice of a varied nature in order to provide experience of all phases within the scope of the speciality. The resident will begin by assisting other medical specialists while they examine, diagnose and treat patients. The resident will, gradually and according to his/her competence, be assigned clinical tasks. 

Although it varies between specialities, approximately four years of the SMTP-program are dedicated to the speciality concerned and 12-18 months to rotations in adjacent specialities.  

The supervisor will assign the resident literature studies on a regular basis. The resident will also be expected to attend courses and participate in conferences and congresses. 

The head of department, together with the program director and the supervisor, are jointly responsible for ensuring that the resident’s training corresponds to the objectives of the speciality concerned. 


Upoon completion of the training program, a certificate of qualification as a specialist will be issued by Sahlgrenska University Hospital, stating that the medical doctor has completed postgraduate training in Sweden equivalent to the general requirements for the speciality concerned.  

The Resident will be eligible to apply for a Completion of Postgraduate Training 

certificate, issued by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.  

This will not entitle the holder to practise medicine or to work as a doctor in Sweden, owing to Swedish legislation. 
The programs are in compliance with national regulations and general guidelines for specialist training programs.