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Competence Centre for Schizophrenia

Welcome to the Competence Centre for Schizophrenia. Under this label several R&D efforts within the Department of Psychotic Disorders are united. The latter is the department dealing with psychosis at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

The task of the Competence Centre for Schizophrenia is to support and co-ordinate R&D projects within the Department of Psychotic Disorders, from planning to implementation, documentation and dissemination of the results. The support consists partly of support when it comes to method - this is done by education, guidance and counselling. Partly of support and feedback at the planning stage of a project.

In order to develop the co-operation with other care providers and universities regarding R&D issues we stress the importance of interchange concerning common research interests. One aspect of this is co-operation regarding students’ degree projects and co-operation with the post-graduate education at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

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