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ASSET-advanced surgical skills for exposure in trauma

Information and registration

29th of November 2022 at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

A course manual is distributed to students prior to taking the course to provide an overview of key surgical exposures in five key anatomic areas: neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis, and upper and lower extremities. The one-day cadaver-based course follows this modular, body region approach. Each section begins with a short case-based overview, followed by a hands-on exposure performed by students under the guidance of faculty. The student-to-faculty ratio is low, allowing extensive faculty guidance and interaction with students. The student assesses his or her ability to perform each exposure independently and is evaluated on knowledge and technical skills.

Course Director: Karin Sillén, Consultant General Surgery.

Course Coordinator: Patric Antonsson, Trauma Coordinator.

Course fee: Surgeons 16 000 SEK + VAT. The fee includes ASSET course manual, lunch and refreshments.

Course participants: A maximum of 16 surgeons (of which 4 can be orthopedic surgeons).

Course venue: Gothenburg University, close to Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Course date: 29th of November 2022

Registration: Open until 24th of October 2022


Karin Sillén
Acute and Trauma surgery
Sahlgrenska University Hospital

If you have any questions, please contact course secretary Emmy Svensson emmy.svensson@vgregion.se, telephone +4631-342 80 85.                       

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