First Nordic-Baltic Comprehensive Cancer Centers Network meeting

Göteborg, February 3 2023



08:15-08:45 Welcome breakfast and registration

08:45-09:00 Introduction from the organizing committee and host –

Ann-Marie Wennberg & Claes Jönsson

09:00-09:30 SCCC Child oncology experience – Karin Mellgren

09:30-10:30 Topic 1:

Enhancing extended use of the rich sources of institutional diagnostic and clinical data in the cancer centers – exchange of experiences from participating institutions in the perspective of deploying this as a source for creating increased cooperation on research.

  • Health data as a source for research, innovation and improved patient care - a national perspective – Katarina Nyström
  • The Danish national radiotherapy dose plan bank - a resource for national collaboration on quality assurance, research and artificial intelligence – Cai Grau
  • Concluding discussion

10:30 Coffee break

11:00-12:00 Topic 2:

Successful organizing of precision cancer medicine projects on institutional, regional, national and international level – exchanging experiences and elaborating on how to incorporate the role of the CCCs, and based on this, improving Nordic cooperation

  • National engagement in precision cancer medicine in Norway, implementing advanced molecular diagnostics, a national clinical study, a molecular MDT meeting and a public-public-private partnership consortium – Åslaug Helland
  • How is Karolinska CCC approaching precision cancer medicine (PCM) and what should be the ambitions for the Swedish CCCs in building a national collaboration structure on PCM?– Patrik Rossi
  • Concluding discussion

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13.00-14.00 Topic 3:   

Creating a Nordic platform for development of standards for Cancer Center Network and Infrastructure in the interaction with several EU projects

Overview of activities to support implementation of EUs Beating Cancer Plan

  • Strategic positions and tactical approaches for the Nordic CCC network to influence implementation and outcomes
  • Examples from different ongoing initiatives; JA CraNE and ECCHOS
  • Annika Baan, Per Magnus Mæhle, Eva Jolly
  • Concluding discussion

14:00-14:30 OECI reflections - Simon Oberst

14:30 Coffee break

15:00-16:00 Closing discussion –

Audience and a panel with representatives from current Nordic CCC’s:

Sigbjörn Smeland, Johanna Mattson, Patrik Rossi, Silke Engelholm, Claes Jönsson


List of speakers:


Claes Jönsson – Chair, Sahlgrenska CCC

Ann-Marie Wennberg – CEO, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Karin Mellgren – Prof, Children’s Oncology Center, Sahlgrenska

Katarina Nyström - Inquiry Chair, Swedish Government Office

Cai Grau – Head of Research, The Danish Centre for Particle Therapy

Åslaug Helland – Prof, Oslo University Hospital CCC

Patrik Rossi – Chair, Karolinska CCC

Eva Jolly - Chief Coordinating Officer, Karolinska CCC

Per Magnus Mæhle – Project Manager, Oslo University Hospital CCC

Annika Baan – Development Manager, Sahlgrenska CCC

Simon Oberst - Director of Quality and Accreditation, OECI

Sigbjörn Smeland - Chair, Oslo University Hospital CCC

Johanna Mattson – Director, Helsinki University Hospital CCC

Silke Engelholm – Medical Director, Skåne University Hospital CCC




Edvard Abel – Centre Director, Sahlgrenska CCC

Karin Markhede – Communications Officer, Sahlgrenska CCC